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10 Jan 2012

Atif Aslam concert Al-Hamra Cultural Complex Lahore 2012 | Atif Aslam Concert tragedy 3 Girls Died

Atif Aslam Concert tragedy 
More then three young girls student of Punjab college were killed and more then 10 injured in a rush after a concert by singer Atif Aslam at an arts complex in Lahore on Monday.
Atif Aslam Concert was organized by Punjab Group of Colleges and more then 6000 student were present in the Hall.The injured students were taken to nearby hospitals by Rescue 1122 , where doctors confirmed three female students dead.Media release the name and picture of those student whos injured or dead in this atif aslam concert.Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered an inquiry into the incident.its very sad incident and people demand the organizers of concert must be arrested and punished.Organzier of concert allowed more students to enter in the Al-Hamra Hall even space was very small.This is really sad and management is totally responsible of this mishap.Organizer and Mian Amir Mahmood which is owner of Punjab group of colleges are responsible for the death of three innocent students.The organizers of concert Atif Aslam should learned from what happened in India few days back in Delhi. Many people demanding that they have to arrested and thrown in jail.

Atif Aslam concert Al-Hamra Cultural Complex Lahore 2012

Only one picture of Atif Aslam concert Al-Hamra Cultural Complex Lahore Leak. This picture is taken by one organizer girl but she don’t want to make her name public and we try to take some information from students of Punjab college and according to one student these three girl found dead after stampede at concert.But we are not sure about girls whos died in this concert.but we want make one voice against organizers of concert and request to Chief Justice to take Suo moto on this matter.


Please share it if you want that organizer should be thrown in Jail by Punjab minister Shahbaz shahreef.your comments are welcome here.Please share your views.Make One Voice for Justice.
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